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Stranded in Canton Album + Album T-Shirt

Stranded in Canton Album + Album T-Shirt

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Released: 18th October, 2024
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This Bundle Contains: 

  • Stranded in Canton on any selected music format
  • Black Album T-Shirt

In 2015, Spaceman, Coxon, and friends performed a new original score for William Eggleston’s Stranded in Canton live at a special film screening at the Barbican Gallery in London. The recording sat on a shelf for 10 years, and will finally be unveiled through this release. 
Stranded in Canton is a black-and-white film portrait of Memphis in 1974, shot in bars and on street corners, showing Eggleston’s friends carousing, playing music and firing pistols into the night sky. It is raw, greasy, Quaalude-y and hot. Jagged and intimate, the film is a handheld window into a different world; “Hogarth on Beale Street” as writer Richard Williams describes it in the album’s liner notes.

1. I was stranded in Canton
2. Last week I took a trip
3. It’s not gospel
4. What train blues
5. I don’t know what I can possibly do
6. Mother’s milk
7. Back up William
8. Everybody in their life at one time or another
9. Love for the asking
10. Credits roll

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